The Fly Honey Show

All my Honeys. Be Fly.

The Fly Honey Show re-imagines the classic cabaret to create an intimate and explosive celebration of body + sex positivity. 

Created and directed by radical choreographer Erin Kilmurray, The Fly Honeys are a fierce group of choreographers, dancers, musicians, actors, designers and performance artists who foster a safe space for advancing gender equality and promoting self-love.

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The Fly Honey Show Invests in over 300 Artists and 75 performance acts by and for a diverse universe. 

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The Fly Honey Show is presented by The Inconvenience, an Illinois non-profit organization.

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With your help, The Inconvenience will be able to focus efforts on expanding the program beyond the Chicago community to develop partnerships in other metropolitan areas interested in spreading the discussion of gender equality and body-positivity. 

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