The Fly Honey Show

Everybody. No Matter What your Body.

The Fly Honey Show re-imagines the classic cabaret to create an intimate and explosive celebration of body + sex positivity. 

Created and directed by radical choreographer Erin Kilmurray, The Fly Honeys are a fierce group of choreographers, dancers, musicians, actors, designers and performance artists who foster a safe space for advancing gender equality and promoting self-love.

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Photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis

Re-imagining the classic cabaret to celebrate femininity and body + sex positivity. 

Our story

Created and directed by Erin Kilmurray, FHS began in 2009 in the loft space of multi-disciplinary arts organization The Inconvenience. Envisioning a project that promoted the talented femmes around her and unabashedly celebrated their individuality, Kilmurray choreographed and curated The Fly Honey Show as a one night event with 30 performers for an audience of 200 people.

Since then, the project has grown to a grand annual event boasting over 300 artists in a month long sold-out run. FHS brings together professionals and novice performers alike to join the massive ensemble in wild group choreography. A carefully curated rotating set of performance art lays the groundwork for advancing gender equality and self love. The atmosphere is crafted for a raucous event that will have everyone leaving feeling better than when they came in.

The Fly Honeys are a tribe of fierce individuals who are here to stay.

In addition to the annual event, The Fly Honeys perform commissioned events with flexible scale. 

Honey Show

The Fly Honey Cast 

A diverse and fierce cast of choreographers, dancers, performance artists, actors and musicians; all cultural entrepreneurs who seek to redefine what feminism looks like. 

The Fly Honey Ensemble and The Hive

Erin Kilmurray and her team create wild group choreography for a rotating ensemble of empowered individuals. Made up of professional and non-professional performers alike, no experience is required to join the raucous event. 

The Fly Honey Ensemble expresses their unique feminine identity; and their counterpart, The Hive, serve as allies in the female-forward mission of advancing gender equality. The ensemble embraces new heritage that empowers the voice to speak, the body to act, and the mind to respect femininity as an energizing strength.

Featured Artists

Erin Kilmurray and her team curate weekend long slots, or one-night-only performances, for emerging artists. Previously the Featured Artists have been co-curated by Joe Varisco and Molly Brennan.

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